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Chairman's Byte

"A true software shall assist to enhance quality of the production processes by adapting knowledgeable skills and effective use of the potential that new technology possesses-which is the demand of the new eon."

    WSL is in providing knowledge oriented software solution to design every type of mechanical product which helps designing department to accurately design complex engineering parts and machines. WSL believes in providing highly user friendly solutions to its numerous customers.

    These solution saves precious time and efforts of designing department of any industry. WSL has also explored new avenue of software applications in process industry. WSL has fully developed a branch called process audit which assists process industry to control techno commercial aspects of complex manufacturing processes. This saves not only the wastage of valuable resources but helps to control quality of the end product. WSL feels strongly that in nearest future every process industry will have to apply process audit solutions.

WSL also believes in the human mind and in human relationships, which forms family bond. In the commercial era, WSL is the first ever company which has dared to produce unique software for family management and preservation of emotions.
    WSL is now poised for establishing global partnerships in the similar area of activities and is ready to share knowledge and expertise it posses.