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    Sophisticated and exceptionally Powerful Support Of 5000 manhours of Software development efforts possess
Excellent application understanding and knowledge engineering skills.
Ability to adapt to changing market and technologies.
Technological background in developing generic software tools.
Comprehensive experience in product development, maintenance and customer support.
Sound understanding of site deployment issues.
Vast knowledge of the industrial applications.
Excellent project management capability.
Clear focus on software development processes.
Stable software and application support team with core expertise in state of the art technologies, including current programming languages, operating systems and methodologies.
    WSL enables in process audit software to provide guidance at every stage which ensures that clients of any levels know how to use the information generated by the software, in
Make decisions.
Monitor progress.
Evaluate plans and actions in light of changing conditions and measure result.
Enable to incorporate Research & Development.
Incorporate Object Oriented Technologies for easy maintenance.
Different layers of architecture are enabled for sophisticated extension and upgrades.
Enabled Client Server technology for sharing database with complete security on LAN, WAN & WEB.
ODBC complaint database access provides independent platform to work on.
WEB based interface for remote operations