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Do WSL's solutions relate to only drafting?
Hi! WSL understands the exact terminology of the word ďDesign�. Design includes the conclusive parameters about not only the dimensions, but all the necessary calculations like power, torque, stresses etc. Drafting is very much secondary part in the design process, which cannot start unless the draftsman or CAD operator has specifications created after the rigorous work of design engineers team . In WSLís solution all the design parameters are generated with auto-matic drafting
There are various considerations depending on the applications and critical design criterion in some products, where practical experience is needed. In such cases howWSLís solution can be developed?
When WSLís team starts developing solution, it takes into consideration all governing factors required to reach the design. WSL has itís own developed methodology and architecture where the "experience�"factor is also embedded in such a manner that user donít find any difficulty to use the software. Also user mode is provided so that user can change the output values to suit his manufacturing process. The reverse calculations provide new analysis after changing the values and the drawings accordingly.
We have some inhouse design solutions developed on FORTRAN. How we can benefit to use your solution over them?
Today FORTRAN is almost obsolete software language due to itís certain lacunae. The programs written in this language are not only clumpsy and open looped but even consume more time and thus remain today unutilized. But WSL develops software solution based on advanced architecture like COM which has phenomenal potential to be explored to the benefit of the mechanical engineering industry. Morever WSLís expertise methodology and architecture is so convenient that the solution is quick, highly reliable and closed loop.
We have our own manual design system from years. What advantage do we receive by replacing with this software?
Letís take a simple example of a graph, while designing a pressure vessel, where the values of the graph are input. While reading the graph manually, the accuracy is in question and so the end design parameters.While calculating several formulae refering to the properties of materials, graphs consumes large amount of time and money. If the output values are not matching design specs, again the whole sequence has to be repeated. It takes hours, days or sometimes months, depending on the components to be designed. Then when the agreed design specs are sent to drafting department, even using CAD packages, actual drawing remains a manual process and again costs you in terms or time and money. But with WSLís solution the entire process is faster. No matter how large the design suquence is ,maximum design time is 15 minutes which covers drafting also. It leaves no scope for the manual errors. (which frequently occurs in whole Design process) And you can make your design department compact �.. another advantage.