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We not only save your precious design time but eliminate your drafting department.
A R E A S _O F_ O U R
_S P E C I A L I Z A T I O N
Automobile Parts
Process Equipment
Centrifugal Fans
Centrifugal Pumps
Pressure Vessels
Pneumatic Conveying Systems
Heat exchangers
Bulk material handling systems
Power Plant accesories
Pollution control equipment
WSL has abilities and expertise to provide you design solutions in any of the product range you manufacture as per your specifications.
Design and auto drafting:New revolution ?
As a design engineer, its easy to understand how difficult and time consuming it is to arrive on final design specs and again a lot of time is spent on drafting. To avoid these hassles WSL's solution is perfect and most relevant in the new high-tech world.
With our solution you can
Get all the design parameters in seconds with bare minimum necessary inputs
With auto drafting,get manufacturing drawings instantly
Reach highly optimum and accurate design.
Save time ,costs and overheads.
Salient Features
All the knowledge base for designing along with tables, graphs and critical conditions are embedded as per your specifications with WSLís methodolgy .
User defined material data bank facility is provided so that user has just to select material and then itís properties are automatically used in the calculations.
Cost analysis is made automatically availabe.
Manufacturing 2D drawings along with technical details etc. generated without any manual work involved.
Fastest and highly accurate designs .
Drafting department is eliminated .
Man hours are saved by 1/10 th.
How we customize?
We customize the design solution on hand-in-hand basis.We need your design methodolgy, parameters,standards and outputs required for manufacturing or developing the product. Also we need some specimen designs as well as your manufacturing drawings. WSL has a strong technical base in different fields of mechanical products so that it can understand your requirement very easily. The customization period may be from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the product's design requirements.
Secrecy Agreement
This agreement conforms that the information along with the documentation and drawings provided by the constituent parties of the agreement will not be disclosed.