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BUOYANTBIZ is first of its kind in knowledge-based concept being introduced by WSL that integrates entire functioning of the business organization unparalleled to the existing solutions. It is in fact an Entire Business Integration System (EBIS), where all the needs are catered to, at single source with the advanced use of Web technology.

Evaluating the effectiveness and profitability of multiple distribution channels can be an overwhelming task for many companies. BuoyantBiz, is a high-performance platform that supports enormous transaction processing volumes and the strategic management for the organization both from within and outside.

BUOYANTBIZ Highlights :
The main objective of BuoyantBiz is to integrate the entire business activities of an organization, not just within the organization, but that of business alliance partners as well:  

It is the only product where all business segments are co-related at a single source so that the application is effective and utility remains unmatched. There is no need of adopting piece-meal solutions, which may cause re-working, delay in decision-making and loss in marketing edge.

It uses advanced Internet technology to the fullest extent to update the data and provide an analytical exchange of business information at all levels through a single package.

It has evolved to become the means of support and catalyst of speed for the entire fulfillment process. Financial consolidation, manufacturing and distribution are supported by automatic functions, whi ch ensures accuracy of information that can confidently be relied upon.

It not only enables the principal to project control over different levels within the organization but it also cover logistic, production planning, market research operations, inventory control, etc., based on the continuous flow of business data from all related segments.

It is a complete integrated business management system, which cover logistics, production, finance, accounting, etc. It ideally covers everything from sales and service, order, material and production management and personnel administration to company management support systems, so as to have a clear understanding of each process in analytical form.

It helps vendor, distributors, dealers, sub dealers, marketing agencies, export houses, transporters, overseas offices or agents, helping them all to conduct their business as efficiently as the principal.

It does not need the support of any other software to conduct, maintain and prosper the business for an organization and its business alliances.

Complaint analysis after sales service is another strong point of BuoyantBiz so that your attention is drawn to any weak link that might be present in the process chain for rectification.

  BUOYANTBIZ with its broad vision: BUOYANTBIZ helps corporate bodies with their day-to-day payment transaction, projections, production planning, operation research, and technology management. Further more, it helps in,

Suppliers or distributors/dealers/sub-dealers,

C&F agents,

Export houses,

Vendors, transporters, etc.

It continuously updates the data-base of Distribution network in an analyzed format for instant decision-making; taking strategic moves, alter production or delivery schedules and marketing plan.

As the system works bi-directionally so that the principal not only receive data online in an organized manner but can also transact business with all other associates connected to the system

All the respective Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing process interact through BuoyantBiz in such a manner that no reworking is needed at the Corporate level.

As applicable to the network of corporate, the buoyant biz encompasses the following ties.

  • Supplier

  • Plant

  • Distributions/supply network

  • Head office

  • Sales offices

  • Dealer network

All the business processes given below are made on-line for efficient data flow among all the departments.

  • Sales

  • Purchase

  • Inventory

  • Credit/debit status

  • Human resource management

  • Consumption production

  • User level security

  • General administration

At all levels the below mentioned modules are provided.

  • Configuration

  • Transactions

  • Reports

  • Utilities

BUOYANTBIZ Advantages:

Being entire system online provides you instant updated information.

Every business associates to gets the highly effective business management tool to conduct their respective business.

Planning process is integral to the system. Therefore, considering the various interdependent.

Variable that affects the process; new plans can easily be drawn.

Inventories are managed most efficiently so that at any time there is no surplus stock; which reduces the inventory costs and floor space considerably.

Annual stock taking exercise can be eliminated.

Improvement in resource utilization.

Obsolesce of process methodology is reduced.

There is great reduction in cost vis--vis quality.

Data/cost analysis is available at the fingertips.

Better cost visibility and transparency.

Accuracy in information for better and quicker decision-making.

Improved co-ordination between all departments.

Increased flexibility in business processes.

Cycle-time for various processes is greatly decreased.

There is tremendous reduction in paperwork due to computerization of processes.