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WSL have developed wide range of design solutions for automobile industry. The design solutions for clutches is unique software where design engineer can generate highly accurate design for the clutches under consideration. A clutch is a machine part used to transmit energy or torque from one shaft to another by means of friction. The designing of three types of friction clutches - Disc or Plate clutches, cone clutches and Centrifugal clutches - can be designed with this software package . The software designs clutches considering Uniform pressure and uniform wear conditions .All standard material properties and sketches are provided along with basic design parameters, such as shaft diameter, face width, radius of friction lining, contact length of the shoes, etc. All Standards are used throughout this module.

Advantages of using this design package:
  • Separate modules for design of each component.
  • Online help is available.
  • Output in milli-seconds.
  • High accuracy and reliability.
  • User friendly.
  • Simplifies Research and Development process.