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The Highly Personalised Organiser for the entire family. The new personal organiser software, for the complete family, from the knowledge technology pioneers, Washington Softwares Ltd. Give yourself a break from remembering all those important dates. Organise yourself in a professional way. My Home will never let you forget anything important. Let it be an anniversary or a business meeting or installment for your loan. Be an efficient family head. Plan your budget in a professional way. Analyse graphically your income v/s expenditure (Actual and Budgeted) and plan accordingly to get rid of that nasty month-end financial pinch. It will never let you overspend. Day to day accounting will help you to keep track of your each and every hard-earned penny. Also, anyone using the same software cannot sneak through your personal data, thanks to the multilevel password option. So, maintain your secret investments in the software without any worry. Tired of loads of work? Just sit back and relax and listen to different musical compositions incorporated in the software. Or take a trip down the memory lane, viewing the photo albums of your near and dear ones stored by you in the software or get a CD and watch a movie of your choice using the embedded movie theatre. And this is not all. There are many more features, some of which are listed below,

  • Bank Passbook.
  • Family investments.
  • Tracking of family jewelry
  • Diary.
  • Library.
  • Recipes.
  • Medical Data (Personal / Family ).
  • Important Events.
  • Information of Pets.

    So isn't it like having a personal secretary, who never takes sick leave, a boss who makes you work professionally but never scolds you, a friend with whom you can sit and relax, and a care taker who will always remind you of all those important dates. It is not just software - it is your ideal life partner.