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Revolutionary knowledge based engineering solution for the process industry!
       WSL has launched the Process Audit to increase capacity utilisation, decrease process waste, enhance quality of end product along with the several critical analysis by highly interactive knowledge based software.

       In the present scenario of globalisation of almost all the industries,competitiveness becomes very critical. Among the various industries, process industries are very critical for their manufacturing processes. The majority of manufacturing process are batch type, however in certain industries viz.; oil & petrochemicals these are continuous process. In the recent past some of the conventional batch processes are being converted to continuous process for various advantages of their continuous operations. Thus the process industry is a dynamic industry with changes occurring continuously in the process used.
      Apart from the major shift which is likely to occur from batch to continuous process to more & more processes, there has already been introduction of instrumentation in controlling of the process. The automation has already set in almost all types of process industries. The automation has been used for process control and quality control In spite of automation in the control, there is no solution for the analysis, modification, rectification and changes in the process parameters, which are required due to various reasons of changes in the inputs and such other parameters. These operations are presently done manually. WSL identified these lacunae and undertook detailed study, and has now designed solution for the same.
    P R O D U C T - P R O C E S S  A U D I T

      Process Audit is WSL’s unique software solution for all types of process industries, which enables every process industry to analyse, monitor, control and guide simple/complex manufacturing processes Process audit is a customised process knowledge bank for the concerned industry, which analyses the process technologies and equipment’s along with the ideal process parameters and variables in the process. It is not only a decision making system, but virtually controls the actual process to achieve the rated production and optimum quality of the end product at minimum losses and optimum process time.
      This software solution will be useful in optimisation of the manufacturing processes from batch to batch with minimum or no variation in yield or quality of the product. The software will also store the historic data of the earlier batch, which could be used as reference for the future operations. In short, Process Audit is virtual process knowledge bank, which will not only take intelligent decisions, but also automatically control and give signals for manual control at all the process stage in order to achieve optimum resource utilization. The use of this software will also help in reduction of process and energy losses.
      WSL’s pioneering efforts in addition will also enable process industry to reduce work strength in maintenance and control, which enhances overall efficiency and profitability. Process Audit is a customised software solution for the process industry. The software solution will be able to predict the result of the production batch in advance once the raw material data is feed to the software. Thus the software offers a real time study and analysis of production based on the raw material data which may vary from batch to batch. Process Audit not only controls the process, but also takes feedback from every individual process stage to provide knowledgeable analysis to management for changes in production and R&D activities. It analyses the end product based on interval parameters as well as the parameters, which effects the process externally.
D E S I G N  M E T H O D O L O G Y

      WSL’s team of professionals having experience from the process industry will interact with the technical team/consultants of the company to collect the process data to understand the process used and create a methodological process knowledge bank. All the variables and the governing conditions in the process will be studied in detail along with the present process flow and equipment. Thereafter the data will be transferred to our software department for developing right process technology software solution. The time to prepare the solution depends on the complexity of the concern process. The existing control system can be integrated with process audit software with minimum cost and thus will offer an integrated control system for the entire process.
      The solution will be implemented on the site for the satisfactory working of the system. After the system is installed & operational, then the same could be modified as per the changes made in the process by the company in future.
      Once Process Audit is implemented by the company for a particular manufacturing process, then the same will work on the following guidelines:
      Compares ideal raw materials with actual input raw materials and suggests whether to accept the raw material, alter/modify production process at required stages or not. This minimises the human decision in altering the process parameters from batch to batch.
      Provide following analysis of the process with respect to the following criterion.
Capacity analysis
Time analysis
Energy analysis
Wastage analysis
Bottleneck analysis
Cost analysis
Quality analysis

      Provides immediate cost analysis for the altered production process from batch to batch due to variation in raw material.
      If user decides to proceed with the production with the raw material, the software automatically controls and alters all the process parameters through the instrumentation system.
      It provides complete process analysis by comparing end product with standard one and suggests the action to be taken for achieving the same.
      Process Audit estimates chain reaction in several chemicals and provides optimum operating levels and controls the process.
      Thus Process Audit predicts the result of the process by analysing the input data that is provided and gives corrective measures to be taken in order to obtain the desired product as per the standard quality.
Process Audit could be a useful process technology software solution for numerous process industries such as:
Chemical process Industry: Batch or Continuous manufacturing organic and inorganic chemicals.
Bulk Drug industries
Cement plants
Metallurgical process industries
Food and dairy industries
Sugar and distilleries
Dyes and Pigment industries
Oil and petrochemical industries
Resins and Polymers

Quality assurance and effective quality control.
Can increase optimum capacity utilisation
Minimises the process losses
Optimises the process time
Minimises the chances for human errors
Preventive maintenance by giving messages in advance
Reduces the strain on process management
Saves energy
Provides production cost analysis.
Process Online alarms
Strong on-line help
Stores historical process data batchwise
Either existing or new instrumentation euipments as per process requirements.