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Walk into the new millennium with highly effective management to please the public and nature.
A Complete Web Based Water and sewage Management Technology

It is a unique solution in which both technical and management activities are integrated resulting in a greater flexibility.

Encompassing a wide range of applications on administration tasks, the solution provides various easy to use tools even for complicated jobs like remote data accessing and controlling of field devices.

Knowledge bank and Analysis, is a feature that makes the solution a unique one. This feature enables the user to handle crisis situation effectively.

Being integrated the information available at fingertips on process status (levels/pumping status, etc) and administrative tasks (inventory status, staff and labor / resource status /work in progress, etc), decision making and overall monitoring becomes highly effective.

Various sections are,

  • Monitoring and Control through instrumentation/mathematical modules
  • Management and administration modules
  • Engineering modules


The Monitoring and Control modules manages the various activities like real time status and control of pumping stations, purification stages, storage tanks, etc.

The below given description shall be in combination with the required monitoring and control instrumentation.


WATERMANtech is a software that operates through mathematical models/instrumentation/field devices connecting all field locations through web-server/ wireless communication. The total network consists of the following

  • The user central administration
  • Source reservoir
  • Raw Water Pumping station
  • Purification Station
  • Pure Water Pumping station
  • Service Reservoirs
  • End Distribution network
  • And any other location if find necessary

WATERMANtech assists user to reduce:

  • Water losses
  • Energy losses
  • Communication costs

Tracking of parameters like water flowing from source reservoir to purification centers, water quantity being purified/stored, distribution management, status of equipments involved in the network, back wash timings, energy consumption rates, etc is made easy and based on real-time data

The analysis part of the software takes various inputs from field devices and carries out analytical calculations, checks for pre-settings, activates ON/OFF/MODULAR controls, there by avoids excess water supply, energy consumption and facilitates optimum capacity utilization.

Laboratory operations shall be handled effectively using various modules given specifically for analytical calculations

Fast accurate data transfer, online reports and a data base specifically designed for water management helps the USER staff to access information take instant decisions and t handle the crisis effectively


The Management and administration modules take care of all in house activities of each USER like billing, accounts, inventory, resource management, etc

In brief following sections/utilities software provides and all the data is auto-transmitted in collective form to the hierarchy.

  • Multi-user, multi-program, multi-task
  • Web-server/ client server applications/wireless enabled
  • Navigate tasks throughout organization
  • Assess activity status
  • Data analysis and projections
  • General administration
  • Staff and labor, Work-in-progress tracking, Contractor management
  • Water Connections applications analysis and allotments
  • Complete Inventory management
  • Estimates, Cost analysis, day-to-day accounts
  • Internal messaging system
  • Billing and revenue monitoring

The software is a bi-directional. Not only central office will receive the various data on each function individually but collectively as well providing various analytical data on:


And engineering part of the solutions supervises the tasks related to total network maintenance and design activities